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XZooberant Records

Tech house/House label brought to you by some guy from ‘Urbanstar Records’, ready to repeat the club R&B Anthems from back in the day.


Some labels make waves before their 1st releases, others put out heavily-rinsed tunes-we only release good tasteful music with a groove.

‘Urbanstar Records’ started out in 1998 after Nick Sellors (Urban management. Moloko “Sing it back”/D- Influence) and Steve Wren (Choice FM London/Avex Japan) got so frustrated by the major record companies ignoring the growing R&B talent in the UK while preferring to release tried and tested American artists. 

Sellors and Wren decided to make a radical decision as at the time R&B music was generally only coming through radio, instead they used the DJ’s & clubs as A&R so ‘Urbanstar Records’ was born.

They released a string of the best R&B club anthems, (‘You Are My Starship’. Feat. Dazz Band/Casanova Ulimate Kaos), from the late 90s through to 2004 accumulating releases on some of the biggest compilation albums around at the time (Sony/Universal/EMI). Establishing themselves as one of the leading independent UK R&B labels.


Fast forward to 2019 with the growing streaming market and the thirst for great music Nick Sellors & Curtis Jay formed ‘XZOOBERANT Records’ with the aim of repeating the model of finding exciting new fresh talent and tunes with honest sounds and grooves to appeal to the masses.


Tech House/House is now a Global sound reaching every major territory in the World with the Digital platforms being able to offer instant access to music makes this one of the most exciting times to grow and populate the market with tasteful music with a groove.

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