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Xzooberant Records

Channelling the XZOOBERANT Records energy for Dance music, Co-Founder DJ/Producer & tastemaker Curtis Jay has built a truly Global reach with his positive signature productions and the label itself. 


Some labels make waves before their 1st releases, others put out heavily-rinsed tunes-we only look to release good tasteful music with a groove. 


When the label was first launch by Curtis Jay & Nick Sellors (Industry veteran) back in 2019 both want to make a platform for Curtis to be able to release his music independently freely without having limitations in creating his sound and style of 'Feel Good' Tech-House/ House, this has also given Curtis the opportunity to work with different Singers, writers and producers. 


In the past XZOOBERANT Records have release and worked with tracks that have caught Curtis’s attention but he always has his ears open for tracks that catch his vibe. 


Having become a key tastemaker in the House & Electronic music scene Curtis is now a firm favourite with his own unique show every Friday Night (Friday night dance party show 6-8 pm) on Select Radio 94.4 FM (DAB London, Brighton, Norwich and with a Worldwide reach online with selectradioapp).

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